Classroom Guidelines

These are expectations we have of all club participants in the classroom.

Be Respectful

Respect your fellow students, your instructors and TAs, the library staff, the library patrons, and the equipment. Classmates, TAs, and instructors all come with differing levels of knowledge and skills and will all pick up different concepts and practices at different speeds. Respect everyone's desire to learn and grow from where they are at. Respect others' physical and emotional boundaries. Respect yourself and the time and effort you are making to be here.

Be Supportive

When you see someone struggling, offer help. When others accomplish something, celebrate them. Be kind to yourself if you're having a hard time grasping something. Find things to appreciate in others and their work.

Be Curious

Try things! Experiment! If you wonder what would happen if you did X, do it and find out! Encourage others' creativity and wild ideas and see where they lead. Try something you aren't sure how to do and figure out how to get there. Find out why your code did or didn't work the way you wanted.

Be Resilient

Expect your code not to work the first time. Expect your code to do seemingly absurd things. That is all normal and part of your learning experience. Take breaks, but keep coming back. Look for new ways to approach the problem. Use all of your available resources and ask for help you when you need it.

These Classroom Guidelines are available in Google Docs for printing and sharing with the class.