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Local Rainbows

Middle School Abrahams Branch - Spring 2016

Local Rainbows wants to show people in the LGBTQIA community that they aren't alone and that most coming out stories of the folks of the acronym have a "happy ending" to say. We also want to inform everybody the meaning of the acronym, and give a brief explanation on what the letter means, not just the word. We made this website because we want to give the LGBTQIA community a larger voice in the world.

Tech Around O

High School Abrahams Branch - Spring 2016

Tech Around O! is the baby of the inaugural Omaha Girls Who Code high school group. It's goal is to show the youth of Omaha a glimpse into the local tech scene. You can explore profiles of people in Omaha who are involved in tech, learn about Omaha tech hot spots, play an awesome tech game, or even read profiles on us, the creators of the site! So go and see the Tech Around O!


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